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Designing hell – highlights of Masahiro Ito

I probably talk more about wanting to write an article on 'Silent Hill' (Team Silent, Konami, 1999) than I do about anything on this blog. But that's only because it's so fundamentally surreal, and such a perfect example of contemporary... Continue Reading →


The holy mountain

Another momentous surrealist work which I've definitely been putting off for the simple reason that I can't possibly sum it up. It is of course Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1973 cult classic, 'The Holy Mountain'. It has parodies and critiques of traditional religious mysticism,... Continue Reading →

A journey

The process of observation is important with art or anything similar. By witnessing something, the viewer becomes one of the most important parts of the equation. How the viewer experiences art is as much a part of the creative exposition... Continue Reading →

Belleville Rendez-vous

This is so nostalgic for me - probably one of the first surreal films I ever saw and it remains to this day one of my favourite films of all time. It sublimely mixes cartoon style plots with surreal animation... Continue Reading →


Art's a difficult thing to make a living out of. Difficult to get noticed, difficult to get a name in, difficult to stand out - especially if you're living in some garage with barely enough money to eat. It appears... Continue Reading →

Simple complexity: 5 artists to listen to as a surrealist

There's a piece of music for everything, whatever emotion, whatever situation - there'll be a track to compliment it. It's an art form that can take all forms, all sounds - it can be as experimental or as familiar as... Continue Reading →


It was when looking at the game 'Back to Bed' for my previous article that I came across this little gem, 'Year Walk' (Simogo, 2013) and I just had to write about it. True, it may be more in line with horror as a... Continue Reading →

A hunted poet

Poetry, novels, politics, resistance in the war effort, surrealism. Robert Desnos was certainly someone who had a broad range of talents. But his role is surrealism during the 1920s was arguably his most influential act in literature - described by... Continue Reading →


I've spent a while deciding whether or not to write this one. It's a potentially challenging subject matter and one that I have no personal experience with. On the other hand the form which it takes, the 2012 graphic novel 'The... Continue Reading →

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