The Penny Dream

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The Uncanny

That which is uncanny, I often find, is most unnerving. It's not demonstrative enough to be out-right terrifying and yet there's an implication that something seems very wrong. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that something seems... Continue Reading →


The Exquisite Corpse

There were plenty of specific techniques that the original surrealist artists used to create much of their work, and there have been countless developments of said techniques since. While the use of specific constructs may seem ironic in a surrealist... Continue Reading →


Art's a difficult thing to make a living out of. Difficult to get noticed, difficult to get a name in, difficult to stand out - especially if you're living in some garage with barely enough money to eat. It appears... Continue Reading →

A surrealist country

Mexico is often seen as a country that embraced surrealism in the broadest sense. Breton himself described it as a "surrealist country by nature." So it seems only natural to focus on some of the plethora of surrealist artists and... Continue Reading →

The bold abstract

Occasionally I find that someone can be influential without you even realising it. They can change the way you see parts of the world or art itself but you may not even remember them. This was my experience with the... Continue Reading →

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