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Unhinging ‘Little Nightmares’

I've talked a bit recently about dreams, nightmares and the founding of meaning behind symbols, as well as how that kind of symbolic narrative is used in certain examples of surrealism. The other week I came across another great example of... Continue Reading →


Dirty Gods

"Language bearers. Photographers. Diary Makers. You with your memory are dead, frozen. Lost in a present that never stops passing. Here lives the incantation of matter. A language forever." These are the first words we see on screen as the... Continue Reading →

Designing hell – highlights of Masahiro Ito

I probably talk more about wanting to write an article on 'Silent Hill' (Team Silent, Konami, 1999) than I do about anything on this blog. But that's only because it's so fundamentally surreal, and such a perfect example of contemporary... Continue Reading →

A journey

The process of observation is important with art or anything similar. By witnessing something, the viewer becomes one of the most important parts of the equation. How the viewer experiences art is as much a part of the creative exposition... Continue Reading →


It was when looking at the game 'Back to Bed' for my previous article that I came across this little gem, 'Year Walk' (Simogo, 2013) and I just had to write about it. True, it may be more in line with horror as a... Continue Reading →

The art of sleepwalking

This is going to be another short one, for small title. But that title manages to pack in the breadth of influence Dali can provide in his artwork, into a short video game puzzler. It's very premise lies on the... Continue Reading →

Waking the giant

In my last article I mentioned a little old series called 'Silent Hill'. What I didn't mention is that the games in the series after the 4th instalment are largely considered to be rubbish. Now obviously this is just my opinion... Continue Reading →

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