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The obsession we have with dreams can date to as far as human memory. The unconscious manifestations of our minds seem to be a topic of the utmost fascination, especially when it comes to art. Countless artists devote themselves to... Continue Reading →


First Contact

The idea of translation within film, viewing outside of the culture that created it, is one that I find particularly interesting. Though we have a definition of the term 'surrealist' dating back to Breton and co.  a more modern interpretation... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Healing

I know I gave a nice little plan about what I was gong to write about in my last article, and that was what i intended to follow - but then I saw Pavel Khvaleev's  'III: The Ritual' (2015) and... Continue Reading →

The holy mountain

Another momentous surrealist work which I've definitely been putting off for the simple reason that I can't possibly sum it up. It is of course Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1973 cult classic, 'The Holy Mountain'. It has parodies and critiques of traditional religious mysticism,... Continue Reading →

Belleville Rendez-vous

This is so nostalgic for me - probably one of the first surreal films I ever saw and it remains to this day one of my favourite films of all time. It sublimely mixes cartoon style plots with surreal animation... Continue Reading →

Welcome to jam

"This sick saddo is beyond a jerk" - just one of the many way Chris Morris, dubbed the most hated man in Britain, has been described by the UK press. Usually it was for vicious satire and a dealing with... Continue Reading →

Long time in the making

I've posted on a few subjects recently, so this one probably won't be too long. But I watched this again the other day and remembered how breathtakingly beautiful it was. I am in fact talking about 'Destino' - a film released by... Continue Reading →


If you read one my recent articles on how I got into surrealism as a genre you may remember me mentioning David Lynch's 1977 film, 'Eraserhead'. Now I talked about it very briefly there but I want to go into more detail... Continue Reading →

An ill planet

Today i'll be taking a look at, and sharing my thoughts on, the 2013 film 'A Field In England'. Directed by Ben Wheatley ('Kill List' 2011, 'Sightseers' 2012) and co-written by Amy Jump...

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