I was a fairly standard child. I had a weird obsession with washing machines and enjoyed the odd snippet of power rangers but aside from that, I was normal. The only strange thing I remember in my childhood was a dream I had.

This dream happened a few times, each time in a different place and with a different set of events leading up to the horrible climax. Sometimes I would be in a mansion which had been flooded – I would pass static televisions sets as my ankles became soaked with water. Other times I would be walking in a garden in what felt like the coolness of deep winter. Whatever the circumstance, whatever the origin, the dream would always end the same. It would end with a small child on a penny farthing, riding slowly towards me with ink trailing off her wheels. The squeaking would get louder and louder until my whole vision became monotone. It was like every sense I had just fused into an overwhelming fear and a deep darkness. Then I’d wake up and it would usually be 3am.

I don’t pretend to be a psycho-analyst, but I’ve always wondered what that dream could have meant. Sure, I have a ridiculously over analytical attitude when it comes to life in general, but somehow I’ve ended up remembering this dream as if it actually happened. After that, being obsessed with dreams and distortions of reality just became normal. Don’t get me wrong, my childhood was fantastic, but I’ve always had an interest, an identification with that kind of thing. Obviously it’s only as I got a bit older that I discovered that this interest had a title, a group, a paradigm even.


Yeah it’s a difficult and controversial word. Sometimes it means horror, other times it means playful fancy. Some people see it as a historical reference to art in the 20s whereas others just use it when they can’t think of any other word to describe ‘The Mighty Boosh’.  But it’s a word that I believe can express some of the purest in human emotions and significance. It’s not my place to decide what is ‘greatly significant’ to art or not but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I’ve learnt a lot more from surrealism than I have from any other genre. It’s the mirror in which we see ourselves, and for me it’s one of the single most honest, and insightful genres of expression. But if you tell people all of that they’ll loose interest fairly quickly. People tend to forget about it the more you use the word – either that or they immediately assume you’re going to go into a 2 hour lecture evaluating the use of chipmunks in contemporary art.

So really I’ll be writing posts about surrealism throughout history and popular culture – everything from dream interpretation to hallucinogenics. I’ll be sharing my thoughts for anyone looking to approach surrealism but not really being sure where to start. I’ll also be putting up reviews and recommendations for anyone looking for new slices of weird, whether it’s films, paintings, graphic novels, plays, stories, games…The list goes on. I may not be an expert by any means, but I love the genre, and hopefully you will too.

Basically i’ll be writing some things and hopefully it’s gonna be pretty good.  I’ll try not to ramble too much.

  “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”