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October 2016


If you read one my recent articles on how I got into surrealism as a genre you may remember me mentioning David Lynch's 1977 film, 'Eraserhead'. Now I talked about it very briefly there but I want to go into more detail... Continue Reading →


Waking the giant

In my last article I mentioned a little old series called 'Silent Hill'. What I didn't mention is that the games in the series after the 4th instalment are largely considered to be rubbish. Now obviously this is just my opinion... Continue Reading →

And the’penny dream’ is?

Surrealism is destructive.

An ill planet

Today i'll be taking a look at, and sharing my thoughts on, the 2013 film 'A Field In England'. Directed by Ben Wheatley ('Kill List' 2011, 'Sightseers' 2012) and co-written by Amy Jump...

Starting a fire

All the things i write here are about surrealism and the many forms it takes. So my first thought when thinking about what article to write next was 'I know - i'll write a brief history of the movement and some of it's most famous contributors'. That's all well and good. But of course the history of the genre is not brief, and it's certainly not straightforward.

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