St. Ghost

Thoughts from the deep dark


I did something unexpected. I’ve been a musician for as long as I remember and have always written and played music, and naturally I’ve always recorded that as well for my own therapeutic purposes. But I recently compiled these ideas... Continue Reading →

voltage shadows

I've recently made the slightly daunting decision to submit a collection of my poetry to get feedback from a major publishing house in the UK. It may or may not be useful but it becomes increasingly evident day by day... Continue Reading →

Hope, and Other Statistical Probabilities

I don’t sleep well. It’s like there’s something in the night that I’m looking for, swinging by 1am, 2am, 3am. There’s a place you access in the middle of the night, an internal space outstretched. It’s the same place where... Continue Reading →

‘An Extract from ‘Blue.exe’

We meet, eventually. Takes a few years but we get there/ just not how I imagined. It’s not in the gardens or pub and we don’t even go to dinner.   It’s on the news as a tragic accident and... Continue Reading →

‘Butterfly Lo-fi’

Love loss, loveless. Here’s what’s wrong with us.    You’ll take up the mantle for a day    in a place you move through    as shades do in night-time blue    to press futile murk    approaching openings that... Continue Reading →

Bridging the gap

Structure is a discarded utterance. It’s spoken in the same vein as ‘hey’ or ‘yeah I’m good’ and ‘here’s your change’. It’s tossed about as if we can fully comprehend the extent of its semantics, but of course we don’t,... Continue Reading →

‘The Adults’

Yeah sometimes you look up and see colours in the windows of people who used to be like you who used to be human fire in the chimney fire in the holes in the wall...

‘Burial Song’

6: Owl eyes in May, lamb stew, pine aroma of photo frames for the pontiff who can’t do kung-fu while he’s off to the judge’s houses donning papal apparel, ceramic enamel, with an infectious laugh at the skull of a... Continue Reading →

Daikannon: Ice Light

“Yes abso-bloody-lutely”   Says sax woman when I ask her if she could take me to the hospital. She rings a small, golden bell she’s holding and I realise that we’re on a boat going down the river where I... Continue Reading →

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