St. Ghost

Surrealism, writing and abstract art every week


They call it ‘Rainfall’. Daytime seashore smiles at white wave sails and cold jewels under the surface. White gusts through ghost grass melts oak, pine and willow mane, heaves down the mountain until she exhales, materialising from hot, unseen sunlight.... Continue Reading →

SNAP – Vicious Feedback in The Arts

Don’t you love it when you have a great idea? Half the time they’re probably not even that great, but it’s the smug self-satisfaction that just helps get you through the week knowing that you, in all your glory, had... Continue Reading →

‘Desolate Staircase’

Transient shoreline, pure sea sounding from night ‘till land is seen again We spoke in moonlight, came close to understanding until credits rolled. Walked with blue cats in tangent to night sky up through wires of the city’s fog. I... Continue Reading →


Soothsayer! Consider this a legal notice (or sweet circle of fifths.) Consider this something stolen from gods (to purse lips through lines of information perfect cadence uninterrupted by otherness. People who sleep under bridges with no ‘commercial value’. We commuters... Continue Reading →


they can't liquify what's already a sea. . subspace, formless mouth forming restless sea resting . birthday tides waves of embrace countless coffees the details of our life together in an unspoken form, a form unspeakable and what can't be... Continue Reading →


Put down whatever you’re holding. and watch long melodies flail in skies of white, bright rain, dinosaur rain from the distance, from long ago, collapsing, the past becoming the present every second. Blinding, bright memory, every second splitting splashes on... Continue Reading →

‘Ocean Song’ by Thomas Heath

Roaring, screaming, the TV was on in the waiting room when I was young and inexplicable. My grandfather was ending and you spoke stories of misted woods in barrow hills in cloudy robes and river songs in details you could... Continue Reading →

Ending All Journeys – overload narratives in cinema

We love questions. The act of questioning is both an act of uncertainty, and a declaration of intent. The more metaphorical, the more unnerving, the ‘bigger’ the question, the more we desperately demand an answer to it. Yet conversely, the... Continue Reading →

The Joy of The Dance

There’s always those games that people consider ‘arty’ - the critically acclaimed, triple quadruple award winning ones that seem to capture everyone’s unflinching attention for a singular moment in time before being shuffled back to the video game hall of... Continue Reading →

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