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Ending All Journeys – overload narratives in cinema

We love questions. The act of questioning is both an act of uncertainty, and a declaration of intent. The more metaphorical, the more unnerving, the ‘bigger’ the question, the more we desperately demand an answer to it. Yet conversely, the... Continue Reading →

The Joy of The Dance

There’s always those games that people consider ‘arty’ - the critically acclaimed, triple quadruple award winning ones that seem to capture everyone’s unflinching attention for a singular moment in time before being shuffled back to the video game hall of... Continue Reading →

Wild Forays in Visual Verse

Digital art is becoming a more and more fascinating term when it comes to genres that don’t often occupy ‘digital’ space. Art may appear online or on a screen, but its construction was not necessarily tailored around the digital form.... Continue Reading →

The Eyes that couldn’t breathe

The more cynical part of me wants to say that calling someone a ‘visionary’ is another way to ramp up the marketing for a project that’s in need of good reviews. Or potentially it’s a term that exists for the... Continue Reading →


As you get older ‘newness’ becomes a process of consumption, the same as eating. You encounter countless constructs you examine as ‘new’. Determining ‘newness’ at several intersecting points of experience becomes an art form. We begin to obsess over interpreting... Continue Reading →


I did something unexpected. I’ve been a musician for as long as I remember and have always written and played music, and naturally I’ve always recorded that as well for my own therapeutic purposes. But I recently compiled these ideas... Continue Reading →

voltage shadows

I've recently made the slightly daunting decision to submit a collection of my poetry to get feedback from a major publishing house in the UK. It may or may not be useful but it becomes increasingly evident day by day... Continue Reading →

Hope, and Other Statistical Probabilities

I don’t sleep well. It’s like there’s something in the night that I’m looking for, swinging by 1am, 2am, 3am. There’s a place you access in the middle of the night, an internal space outstretched. It’s the same place where... Continue Reading →

‘An Extract from ‘Blue.exe’

We meet, eventually. Takes a few years but we get there/ just not how I imagined. It’s not in the gardens or pub and we don’t even go to dinner.   It’s on the news as a tragic accident and... Continue Reading →

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