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The Uncanny

That which is uncanny, I often find, is most unnerving. It's not demonstrative enough to be out-right terrifying and yet there's an implication that something seems very wrong. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that something seems... Continue Reading →


The Exquisite Corpse

There were plenty of specific techniques that the original surrealist artists used to create much of their work, and there have been countless developments of said techniques since. While the use of specific constructs may seem ironic in a surrealist... Continue Reading →

Unhinging ‘Little Nightmares’

I've talked a bit recently about dreams, nightmares and the founding of meaning behind symbols, as well as how that kind of symbolic narrative is used in certain examples of surrealism. The other week I came across another great example of... Continue Reading →


The obsession we have with dreams can date to as far as human memory. The unconscious manifestations of our minds seem to be a topic of the utmost fascination, especially when it comes to art. Countless artists devote themselves to... Continue Reading →

Dirty Gods

"Language bearers. Photographers. Diary Makers. You with your memory are dead, frozen. Lost in a present that never stops passing. Here lives the incantation of matter. A language forever." These are the first words we see on screen as the... Continue Reading →

First Contact

The idea of translation within film, viewing outside of the culture that created it, is one that I find particularly interesting. Though we have a definition of the term 'surrealist' dating back to Breton and co.  a more modern interpretation... Continue Reading →


I felt it would probably be a little hypocritical me going on about other peoples work out there and other peoples creativity that's sent into me  without showing my own from time to time. This definitely isn't what the blog's... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Healing

I know I gave a nice little plan about what I was gong to write about in my last article, and that was what i intended to follow - but then I saw Pavel Khvaleev's  'III: The Ritual' (2015) and... Continue Reading →

‘Total’ – by Jacob Adams

So yeah, it's been a while. I apologise for the absence of posts for the last month and a half or so. Real life took over slightly and I had a shed ton of work to do. But now i'm... Continue Reading →

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